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Hello world and welcome to the website for Kaikoura Wilderness Walks. Here we will keep you in the loop as to our guided walks and share with you the highlights of our days, so watch this space.

Kaikoura Wilderness Walks, located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, offers an exclusive 2 day/1 night or 3 day/2 night luxury guided walk through the privately owned Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve, a protected Significant Natural Area of International Importance, renowned as a haven for a diverse array of rare and endangered native species of New Zealand flora and fauna.

So whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere and not quite ready for the winter blues, or you are in the Southern Hemisphere and just need a break before the busy season, do book some time out with Kaikoura Wilderness Walks, and at the end of your walking day, luxuriate at Shearwater Lodge. The lodge is purpose-built with comfort and enjoyment in mind. Set in a spectacular alpine valley at an elevation of 1000m (3280ft), this eco-friendly lodge has six guest rooms, accommodating up to twelve on a twin/share basis.

Here you will be able to relax and unwind whilst taking in the sweeping vistas of the surrounding environment. Although the scenery is spectacular, be prepared to find your gaze diverted suddenly by resident wildlife, deer or chamois, drifting quietly amongst the golden tussocks. Native songbirds in the trees or the inquisitive kea, who love to shuffle along the balcony in search of mischief, all regularly captivate visitors’ attention.

Do check out our gallery of images to whet your interest and feel free to contact us.

For now, browse around our site and enjoy!

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